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Our Crises

2023 • WORKS

In Fall 2023, I was invited to participate in a unique series of events: psychological discussions centered around major life crises visualisations. My task was to create data-based interventions that visually represented the topics discussed. I chose to develop two subtle frameworks that could embody audience input through their personal yet abstract participation.

For the question, "What do I fear/anxious about?" I asked attendees to write down their fears and hand them to me so I could transfer them onto the wall in the form of pencil notes. In the second round, they each placed differently sized red sticker dots next to the notions collectively gathered. They were free to use as many stickers as they wished, with the size of the dots corresponding to the extent to which they found the given fear relevant to themselves.

For the topic of "Burnout," I prepared a collection of timeline threads spanning participants' ages from 18 to 50. In addition to the conversations exploring different types, stages, and symptoms of burnout, individuals were invited to mark their own experiences with burnout on these timelines using soft yarn. They were encouraged to be creative with the yarn, considering the lengths, characteristics, and forms they used to express their own experiences.

Psychologists: Bálint Sarkadi, Virág Scheller Moderator: Nóra Széplaki

Our Crises was initiated and hosted by Adaptér, Creative Technology Knowledge Center, Budapest.

Photos: Melinda Sipos, Gáspár Hajdu, Adaptér


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