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Pirates of the Danube

2011 • Kitchen Budapest 2007-2012

Kitchen Budapest and WAMP launched an open call for young Hungarian designers to participate in a workshop and develop new projects with tutors Anab Jain and Jon Arden designers and co-directors at Superflux, a design studio based in London, UK and Ahmedabad, India. With the leadership of Anab and Jon, the workshop team will work out concepts (of objects/services/applications at the intersection of new media, technology, design and fashion) in the course of three days. Current rapid prototyping techniques will be also introduced. One of the projects Play4Power was selected and prototyped in the following months with the help of the FabLab Budapest and presented at TENT London 2011.

Workshop organizers and project managment: Bircsák Eszter, Melinda Sipos - Kitchen Budapest, Réka Metheidesz - WAMP Workshop leaders: Anab Jain, Jon Arden - Superflux, London


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