is a creator working at the intersection of art, design and technology.

Tinkering with kids

from 2017 • TEACHING

I've been invited to join a fresh school initiative called Budapest School to hold workshops for kids age 6-14. During the first worksop series (2017-2018) we built moving thingies from motors, LEDs, wires, buttons and DIY materials, tested simple circuits and did basic experiments with the younger kids while the older ones learned coding and digital creation through playing with mBots and building interactive objects.

In the Fall 2019 with Barbara Sterk we've started a Digital Making Workshop that is integrated in the highschool's curriculum as a weekly course. Our main aim is that through creation kids learn how technologies work as well as make them think with and about technology. We want them to be brave and skillful to take things apart and build things instead of just being users of technology.

  • @ Rakpart Budapest Highschool with Barbara Sterk (ongoing)
  • @ Budapest School Breznó with Ágnes Kovács
  • @ Budapest School P10 (Spring and Fall courses & Summercamp) with Péter Halácsy


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