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Beyond Data

2011, 2012 • WORKS

Beyond Data is a joint project between Kitchen Budapest and Baltan Laboratories initiated by Angela Plohman and me. Our aim was to bring together our different working methodologies and networks to explore, exchange and build on a number of recent tools and projects developed at the labs. By simplifying the structure of the joint venture we can now identify three pillars: the goal was to collaborate; the tools were a temporary, ‘in-between’ lab and a specific method; and the content of the project centred on data embodiment. All elements developed gradually, shifting between the planning, preparation and realisation phases several times. Most important stages of the collaboration were a temporary lab at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, a workshop at Lift Conference in Geneva, and the introduction of the joint publication at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival in Rotterdam.

with Angela Plohman. see full list of participant on the website:


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