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Arbour Light

2007-2009 • WORKS

Arbour light, an intelligent lighting system can reproduce the visual atmosphere of natural phenomena. It recreates the ambient atmosphere rather than a photographic image, hence it extends communication into non intrusive modalities.

While it is a design object in our living space, it also provides an environment for alternative communications (instead of hypertext) between places and people. It acts as a metaphor for how, at a subconscious level, we perceive natural phenomena through a play of light. Its purpose is mainly visualization rather than correct representation. With the help of Arbour Light we can map feelings and senses. The manifestation creates a sort of meta-communication between various levels of perception through which one can get in touch with other places and people.

Core team: Péter Németh, Tamás Bagi, Györgyi Gálik, Szonja Kádár @Kitchen Budapest


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