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Beat Your Mouse Movement

2010 • Kitchen Budapest 2007-2012

Beat Your Mouse Movement (BYMM) strives to balance the growing hours spent in front of computer screens by offering a playful solution that motivates people to walk in order to get more exercise and become more conscious about their health and city environment. Individuals can playfully compete between their online and real life selves, and win by walking more than mousing. BYMM consists of two gadgets, one of them is a web/desktop application that tracks the use of your mouse, while the other one is a mobile application.

It is a well-known fact that people spend more and more time in front of their computers. That includes work, media consumption and a growing amount of online multitasking. As our lifestyles change towards spending more hours a days front of the screen than before, we offer a concept to balance this lifestyle in a playful way. This has a significant effect on our perception of urban environments and elements of nature within the built environment.

BYMM was featured as part of the Out of the Garage, Into the World program at the 2010 01SJ Biennial and the project was commissioned by ZER01 with and xClinic.

Concept: Irma Földényi, László Kiss, Melinda Sipos Visuals: Andrea Sztojanovits Web&Mobile app development: Dávid Dúl, Milán Korsós



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