is a creator working at the intersection of art, design and technology.


2008-2011 • Kitchen Budapest 2007-2012

A design pendrive that is inspired by the typical motifs of Hungarian Easter eggs. It was available as an earring, keychain and mobile charm. There is a super slim 2.0 flash drive in the casing, which is decorated with flower patterns and Hímes logo. The first 1000 pieces were made to 100% Design Tokyo exhibition and market in 2008. Our aim was to create an attractive, tricky and versatile object. The project was going on until 2011. It was a regular guest on local and international design markets and we also fulfiled individual orders:

  • Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU Presidency gift, 13300 pieces, 2010
  • Venice Biennial, Gift of the Hungarian Pavilion, 500 pieces, 2009
  • Femina, exclusive Christmas gift, 100 pieces, 2009
  • Aamtech Ltd. company gift, 100 pieces, 2009

Exhibitions, design fairs:

100%Design Tokyo, 2008, Tokyo Pixelache Festival 2008, Helsinki Lift Conference 2009, Genf Soft is the new cool, Hungarian Design, Exhibition, NY Design week, 2009, NYC

Team: Gina Haraszti, Szonja Kádár, Melinda Sipos @KIBU


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