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Climate Hack

2009 • Kitchen Budapest 2007-2012

Climate Hack was a workshop for emerging researchers, designers and artists dedicated to reframing the international political climate using means well-outside the traditional political rhetoric. Using both old and new technologies, live internet data streams and a diverse collection of hacking skills, workshop participants produced a series of projects for public exhibition during the finals days of the Transmediale festival in Berlin, Germany. Driven by the often-absurd nature of politics and the collective creativity often generated from equally absurd artistic mediums, the workshop will rally around the task of hacking Cotton Candy machines. Custom and hacked electronics, connected to live political news and weather feeds informed and animated the project. The result was a set of dynamic and playful art objects designed to invert our perception of "everyday politics".

Joint venture with Pixelache, and Kitchen Budapest. Participants: Christopher Baker, Massimo Banzi, Eszter Bircsák, Juha Huuskonen, Miska Knapek, John Nussey, Aleksi Pihkanen, Melinda Sipos, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Tuomo Tammenpää.


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