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Based on Pig

2012-2014 • WORKS

Based on Pig (BoP) is an experimental food research team currently on hold. Our aim is to discover the Hungarian Kitchen, especially the eating habits of the contemporary Budapest by artistic research methods. By what stories, traditions, legends a certain food, ingredient or living creature used in our kitchen is described? What information is available online, what do we face in the market? The project is aimed at mapping the cultural framework of our food related decisions and followed by kitchen experiments as well. We developed special creative formats for our tests and experiments. One of our main threads was the BoP Lab series where we examined the quality of basic ingredients: We co-initiated a questionnaire and wrote an article about the lab grown meet. Here's our visual summary of it:

Core team: * Zoltán Csík-Kovács, Attila Nemes, Melinda Sipos, Rita Csirmaz * and many more:


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