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Actively or passively but we all take part in the immense data flow that surrounds us, and among many aspects we may consider this as a rich source of inspiration! Information architectures, interfaces, widgets and social networks begin to take on as much importance as urban conditions, built structures, objects and our social environment. The five day long course entitled 'From virtual to actual' will explore the possibilities of interpreting phenomena which occur in our digital life into physical space and vice-versa.

Through various activities lead by the workshop tutors (discussions, presentations, research, etc) students will get an insight into the topic with active participation of students. The goal is to develop scenarios and build prototypes/artworks that embody a kind of transformation or implementation of a virtual phenomena into a physical one or, the other way, add a virtual aspect to a physical one. The result can take shape both analog or digital (help in basic electronics and coding will be provided by the tutors if needed) form.

Workshop leaders: Agoston Nagy, Melinda Sipos Bergen National Academy of the Arts


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