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Social Design Cookbook, Weimar


Collaboration practices and methodologies have an increasing role and enabling power in contemporary societies as they establish and inspire new ways of social coexistence and cooperation, economic development and growth.

The Format Project is an ongoing research project on replicable formats of cooperation. It explores widely adopted models and practices of collaborative knowledge production, sharing, collective action and decision making. With the rise of global connectedness, such practices are being copied, adapted and replicated globally at a pace previously unknown. Also, they not only spread across boundaries of physicality and languages, but also across contexts and domains. Thus, replicable formats of cooperation significantly contribute to the evolution of how we, humans, create new social systems for cooperation.

At this workshop, participants were guided through the creation process of new social formats for collaboration and cooperation. “Motivation architecture” as a design concept was used to explore and outline the participation of stakeholders in such processes, with a special focus on the balance between their motivations and contributions.

Workshop led by Judit Boros and Melinda Sipos. The Format Project by Attila Bujdosó, Kithcen Budapest.


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