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404 School Not Found

March-April 2013, Madrid • WORKS

REPLYtoALL's activity started with a collaboration with 404 School Not Found, an experimental school for cultural creation in Madrid. It was initiated by Jara Rocha. The main aim of this pilot project that belonged to Intermediae was to do research and encourage collaborations between communities and cultural, technological and artistic fields and facilitate cultural creation which are based on educational motives. 404 School Not Found facilitated diverse projects working with spoken/written and visual languages, communities or protocols/methods/structures. The thing all those projects had in common: each one was telling about its present from different political, cultural and social perspective.

Our work was to investigate in their ongoing activities, help them mapping their own structure, defining key roles and processes. And by doing that, we looked at the possible ways of re-interpreting the term “cultural consultancy” and its role in self-driven learning processes.

Melinda Sipos, Eszter Bircsák - REPLYtoALL Jara Rocha - 404 Not Found (in spanish)


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