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2012-2014 • WORKS

MER, everyday design with sense

MER was established in order to create a new lifestyle brand of Central Europe. MER aimed at the redefinition of everyday objects that surround us by redesigning them and adopting them to contemporary needs. The objects chosen have determined our everyday life in earlier times and have had an effect on our visual surrounding. MER redesigned these objects by creating a new visual surrounding and new ikons. MER successfully launched and mostly sold out the Morning Start series including the SAMLI stool, the POHAR glass, the IBRIK cup, the KONYHARUHA kitchentowel and the OTTHONKA multifunctional dress with the contribution of Hungarian designers and manufacturers.

  • Founders: Eszter Bircsák, Gergely Laczkovich, Réka Matheidesz, Melinda Sipos
  • Designers: Judit Boros, Sára Kele, Kriszta Szakos
  • Logo: Justyna Brząkalik
  • Website: Ferenczi Bálint
  • Photo: Peter Puklus


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