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Footprint research, Pixelache Micro Residency

2012 • WORKS

My micro residency fell in the middle of a busy time with full of great events in Helsinki including Camp Pixelache. During the one week I spent there, I contributed to Pixelache events in several ways (networking, participating discussions, workshops and the icing on the cake: made a 10th birthday cake with Nathalie Aubret!). As a mini-project, I prepared and tested a sort of data-visualisation model on Camp Arbis. This experiment focused on two main questions: how catering and traveling affect the ecological footprint of an event? Can we balance this out with a joint effort? In addition my goal was also to raise awareness on what we eat by providing information on the ingredients (their “stories”) and the research itself for the Camp participants in the restaurant space. Interview about the residency by Olivier Heinry:


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