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Networks Within (ongoing)

from Fall 2022 - ongoing • WORKS

As a Fulbright guest researcher at Barabasi Lab (Network Science Insitute, Northeastern University, Boston) I was curious about the lab members' professional backgrounds, projects and collaborations. This exploration turned into one on one sessions where I went through a questionnaire with every person actually active at the lab. After learning about people’s educational background and current research areas, I wanted to better understand the connections between them and to draw the inner networks of a Network Science Lab. With the help of post-doc fellow Rodrigo Dorantes-Gilardi, I made everyone fill a datasheet to map with whom and how frequently people are in touch with each other upon work-related matters and social matters. This dataset has become a departure point to analyse and interpret the social and work networks within the lab and made me start experimenting with possible physical embodiments of the results.

Melinda Sipos, Csaba Both, Rodrigo Dorantes-Gilardi


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