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Workshop @ 2022 Information is Beautiful Award Ceremony, Washington


2022 Information is Beautiful Award Ceremony was a big moment for the data viz community - a real life gathering after two years of the COVID era! Prior to the ceremony, a two days event provided workshops and talks to visiting data professionals and award-shorlisted folks.

My one-afternoon workshop introduced insights to tangible visualisations and led through the participants to create their own first experiments:

  • one of the groups found a playful way to embody to what extent selected human behaviours (e.g. laughing, eating, fighting) are accepted in different life-situations (like work interview/classrom/date) based on a german study from the 1980's.

  • the other team provided a simple and telling way to see how existing big piles of money (e.g. the furtune of Elon Musk or the US military budget spent yearly) relate to urging issues (e.g the amount needed to re-build Ukraine or end world hunger)


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