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Workshop @ College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern University, Boston

27 January 2023 • TEACHING

By the kind invitation and facilitation of Brockett Horne teaching professor I held a day-long workshop for her group of information design and data visualisation students. They split into four teams and dedicatedly worked through the day to build their first physical data visualisation prototype. One of the teams decided to represent the stressful, unpredictable and rather long US visa-process of which all the team-members are subjects of in a playful and performative way. Some folks based on a questionnaire made on the spot examined what feelings are connected the most to the different aspects of life and made it embodied with yarns. Another team worked around the emotional support we get from our friendships. They found and promptly presented a shocking fact that there has been a huge drop in having a best friend among Americans in the last 30 years while also making their data physicalization participatory. Yet another team examined and showed the popularity of social networking sites depending on their age during COVID through meticulously executed dessert-like objects.


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